As you peruse the site, please keep in mind our motto: “Start curious. Stay curious. Go anywhere.” These six words drive Brentwood. From the School’s outstanding faculty that fuels the fire of curiosity in our students, to the daily athletic and artistic risk taking and accomplishments that occur on our playing fields, in our studios, and on our stages, to a service learning program that inspires deeper understanding and appreciation of the greater Los Angeles and global communities, Brentwood provides a myriad of opportunities to engage its students. It is this level of engagement that fosters the inspiration and intellectual passion we witness in our students on a daily basis.

With your first steps on campus you will feel the sense of community and pride that is Brentwood School. Brentwood students are devoted to their school, as are their parents and guardians, who give generously of their time and resources. We are a school that is small enough to build upon individual and collective curiosity, and simultaneously large enough to have breadth and depth of opportunity for all our students.

Two beautiful campuses, outstanding programs, a dedicated faculty and staff, inspired leadership, engaged students, and committed parents add up to a great school. Our website gives you a taste of all this; I hope it makes you curious enough to schedule a visit to learn more.

Michael Riera, Ph.D.
Head of School
(310) 476-9633

Amelia Hollis
Assistant to the Head of School
(310) 889-2611

Letters of the Week

Letter of the Week: Prelude To A Show

On Wednesday afternoon I dropped in on the Brentwood Theater Company[1] as they prepared for their upcoming show, Prelude to a Kiss. (Tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the East Campus Theater.) I wanted to catch the actors just prior to their first public performance—a full, dress rehearsal for students Thursday after school—to better understand what they were feeling and thinking. We talked for 20 minutes, but it easily could have gone on for much longer...

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Letter of the Week: Coming Home

The emotional impact of the events in Las Vegas earlier this week have left many of us emotionally depleted. We wonder: How could this happen? Why would someone do this? How do I process this? And, what can I or should I say to my children? I am actually speechless on most of these questions. I do, however, know that with your children, if you follow their lead, you will seldom go astray. That is, listen to what they are saying and hear what is left unsaid. Then gently address both. Sometimes with words, and other times with presence. Go for a walk, share a bowl of ice cream at the kitchen table, stay up late watching a movie together, or play an old-time game of cards. Be with one another...

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Letter of the Week: Three Words

A couple of years ago, Dr. Marc Brackett, Director of the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University, spoke at one of our Parents Association education evenings.

For me, one of the biggest takeaways from the evening was what I call: Three Words. And Tuesday night, I found myself sharing this concept with the Kindergarten parents/guardians at their Back-to-School Night...

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About Dr. Mike

Mike Riera is the Head of School at Brentwood School, a best-selling author, an award-winning columnist, an educator, a television commentator, and a national speaker on issues of children, adolescents, families, and parenting. Mike is the author of 5 books: Right From Wrong: Instilling a Sense of Integrity in Our Children (2002), Field Guide to the American Teenager (2000), Uncommon Sense For Parents With Teenagers (1995), and Surviving High School (1997). His most recent book, Staying Connected To Your Teenager (2003), was launched with three appearances on Oprah!

For eight years he was the Family Consultant for CBS The Saturday Morning Early Show and also hosted an award winning television show on the Oxygen Network, Life in Progress, as well as his own daily radio show, Family Talk with Dr. Mike. Mike has worked in schools for over twenty years as a head of school, counselor, dean of students, teacher, and consultant.

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