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Over 50 explorations, demonstrations and tinkershops for K-8 Brentwood School students and their families - led by Brentwood School teachers, students, parents and special guests.

Photo "Super-Awesome" Sylvia started making and tinkering with things when she was 7, and always loved to try out new things. One year after visiting Maker Faire, she and her dad were inspired to create a web-show about making things called “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show”, where she shows kids and adults that making things can be fun, easy and more rewarding than just buying something purpose built. Now 11 years old and millions of views later, she’s covered everything from hobby rocketry, to sewable soft circuits, to simple Arduino projects. The show has garnered attention from parents and educators the world over finding that something about the show gets students interested in making things and learning something along the way. Check out the show at