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Affording BWS


We recognize that a Brentwood School education is a major investment and one that can be a challenge for many families. Brentwood School remains firmly dedicated to helping families afford this educational choice. To that end, we have several different payment options and a financial aid program for those who qualify.

On the basis of demonstrated financial need, Brentwood School annually awards approximately $3.5 million in financial assistance to students. With financial assistance, many families discover that a Brentwood School education is within their reach.

Tuition Payment Options

Full Payment
A $2,750 deposit is due in February/March for the following academic year. The balance of tuition is due in July.

Ten-month Payment Plan
This option allows the balance remaining (after enrollment deposit, applicable financial aid, book deposit, and new student fee*) to be paid in ten equal installments. The first payment begins July 5 and continues through April 5 via electronic funds transfer. Financing agreement (including finance charge) is required.

Need-Based Financial Aid
This option is designed to help families who could not realistically consider private education. Like many other independent schools, Brentwood School uses FAST to assess a family’s level of need. We also require tax returns as part of the confidential process. FAST provides unbiased and uniform information to schools. Click here for more information about our financial aid process.

* The new student fee is waived for Financial Aid recipients.

Financial Aid

Brentwood School is committed to developing students capable of lifelong contributions to our diverse society. To fulfill this objective, the school welcomes and supports qualified students from various socio-­economic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds who would not be able to attend the school by offering tuition assistance. Over three million dollars have been budgeted for financial aid for the 2016-2017 school year, thereby allowing the School to provide financial aid awards to more than 140 students. An additional $200,000 has been budgeted to reimburse financial aid families for various school expenses such as books, retreat fees, the transportation program, and field trips. These expenses, some of which need prior approval, are reimbursed based on a progressive schedule tied to the student’s award percentage.

Brentwood School operates a need-blind admission policy, meaning a family's application for financial aid will have no bearing on a student's chances for admission. All financial aid documents and deliberations are held in the strictest confidence.

Tuition for the 2016-17 school year
K-6 $33,135
7-12 $39,195
Other fees
New Student Fee $2,000*
Book Deposit $600
Retreat Fees
(Grades 7, 9, & 12)
$400 (approx.)
*Brentwood School waives the new student fee for Financial Aid recipients.

Financial Aid Questions

Zita Hernandez

Operations & Financial Aid Coordinator
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