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  • Alumni Athletes at bwscampus.com

    Posted November 13, 2014


    In early October, the Alumni Relations Office sent out a survey to over 2700 alumni asking them to answer questions about their collegiate sports experience—whether or not they played, where, and what honors they received while playing. The response was immediate and came from all over the country. Emily Ellis '94, Director of Alumni Relations, noted, "As the survey results poured in, we were thrilled to hear from so many alumni athletes—going back to 1978! As part of Brentwood School history, it is crucial to document the many accomplishments of our alumni community, and athletics play a huge part in the traditions of our school. The page is also an incredible tool for current students to see how many successful athletes have walked in their footsteps, as well as an excellent means for prospective families applying to Brentwood to view the athletic success of our graduates." So, with all of this great data and information in house, we created the Alumni Athletes page at bwscampus.com. The page features information about alumni athletes by year going back to 1978, a listing of Olympians and professional athletes, and photo galleries of our athletes in action at their colleges, among other features...

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