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3rd Grade Bagel Sale Helps Others in Far Away Places
3rd Grade Bagel Sale Helps Others in Far Away Places

by Tiffanie Schang, 3rd Grade Associate Teacher

Last week, the 3rd graders spent an hour every morning before school selling delicious bagels for $2.00 each. They spend all year studying the seven continents and the most effective way to help in far away places is to donate money to existing organizations. By the end of the week, they had raised $3,760. With that money, the 3rd Grade class had to calculate their profit. The profits were then divided evenly among all forty-five 3rd graders and the students then appropriated the funds to the charities as they saw fit. The charities they could pick from were the Heifer Foundation, the World Food Program, and the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled. They finished this project by writing out checks to their chosen charities. Visit the 3rd Grade hallway to see these checks!

Watch the Video!

"It was really great to experience working at a Bagel Sale and knowing that the money would be going to a good cause." —Emmy

"The Bagel Sale was really fun because every time someone bought a bagel, we knew that money would go to another person in need." —Bayley

"It was fun to work with people that I don't usually work with. I loved spreading the cream cheese." —Hannah

"I don't work often but working at the Bagel Sale was exciting!" —Chet

"I think this was an enjoyable experience for those working and those who bought the bagels. I really enjoyed it." —Peter

"I thought it was an amazing experience to work and to know that it was going to people in need."

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