Middle School (7-8)

The Brentwood Middle School program fulfills the academic, social, and emotional needs of 7th and 8th Grade students. No longer elementary school students, and not yet high school students, eleven to fourteen year olds are ready for more independence, academic challenge, and guidance.

In the Middle School, our emphasis is on deep understanding and wide participation, as well as learning how to learn. As students begin to take more responsibility for their own learning, the faculty remains supportive and nurtures curiosities and competencies. Students are exposed to a wide variety of experiences that help make this time of great transition and personal growth a successful one. The Middle School curriculum accentuates investigation and independent thinking while providing a solid knowledge base in all curricular areas.

Teachers work together to build explicit links between subjects to deepen students’ understanding of the world in which they live and to enable students to consider higher-level thinking. Our hope is to engender wonder and a belief in every student that s/he is a powerful learner.

In addition to preparing students for life after the Middle School, Brentwood School provides experiences that allow students to grow intellectually, physically, and with character. We believe that we should prepare our students to be confident, independent, and responsible citizens. It is also our aim to help students learn to lead their day-to-day lives with compassion and kindness and to serve the needs of others.

Our strong affective curriculum, promoted through our advisor program, recognizes the unique challenges and possibilities of this age. As peer relationships become more important and complex, mentors are key and moral reasoning is a critical skill to develop.

Finally, our goal is to inspire enthusiasm for learning and to nourish each student’s intellectual and emotional development in a supportive and diverse community grounded in Brentwood School’s core values of trust, respect, responsibility, honesty, caring, community, and diversity. Our program and strong partnership between students, parents, and faculty will empower our middle schoolers to become well rounded, lifelong learners who are able to see through multiple lenses in order to understand and improve their world.

Diane Oliveira
Middle School Director
(310) 889-2660

Nasrin Farahmand
Administrative Assistant to the Middle School Director
(310) 889-2650

Middle School News

7th Grade Retreat Highlights

by Diane Oliveira, Middle School Director

Building Community in 7th Grade is paramount to creating a foundation for the Middle School learning experience. A spring Welcome Day, an August Orientation Day, and several opportunities to gather as an advisory, are highlighted by the annual 7th Grade Retreat...

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8th Grade Math Quiz Bowl

While the 7th Grade was away on retreat, the 8th Grade used the usual Tuesday MS assembly period to take part in the 1st Annual 8th Grade Advisory Knowledge Bowl. Mr. Becker admirably served as the master of ceremonies. Teachers submitted all sorts of questions from their various disciplines from humanities to math to coding to human development to name just a few...

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Extracurricular Sports News

In extracurricular sports news, two events dominated the headlines this week: Middle School "Stars" Win Kickball Championship, and Senior Class Racquetball at UCLA's John R. Wooden Center...

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