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HOURS: MONDAY – THURSDAY 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. AND FRIDAY 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

The East Campus Library is a vibrant academic center where students and faculty can study, collaborate, and learn together. The Librarians, Elisabeth Abarbanel and Jessica James, are available to help the Brentwood School community with research needs and to recommend good books to read.

The Library houses over 17,000 print books and DVDs, has growing collections of ebooks and audio books, and subscribes to numerous databases. The librarians believe that students should be exposed quality information in any format that works best for their information need. They teach information literacy integrated into the school’s curriculum, and they regularly evaluate and update lessons as new ways of accessing, organizing, and using information become available.

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Meet Our Librarians

Elisabeth Abarbanel

Head Librarian, East Campus

Jessica James

Librarian, East Campus

Margarita Lara

Library Assistant, East Campus

Library News

By Elisabeth Abarbanel, Head Librarian, East Campus; Jessica James, Librarian, East Campus; and Yapha Mason, Librarian, West Campus

Ask your child about almost any project they have completed at Brentwood—the Lower Schooler and the 2nd Grade Wax Museum speech; the Middle Schooler and their 7th Grade Middle East fiction series; and the Upper Schooler's NoodleTools projects, to name a few—and you'll get a glimpse into how research can make all types of assignments come alive in every grade level—from creative writing and making movies, to writing monologues, or crafting a research paper...

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Brentwood School was pleased to join Penguin Random House, the American Library Association, and fellow readers across the country for the second annual National Readathon Day on Saturday, May 21...

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This year, the organizers of the annual Library/amaranth Short Story Contest decided to use the winning stories from the popular "Six Word Story" contest to inspire our authors. Applicants were given the list of winners, and instructed to use one of the six word stories to inform their work. Many were inspired by the prolific Gaby S. '18 (pictured on the left) who submitted over 100 six word stories...

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