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Abstract Mood Meter Sculptures in the Middle School
Abstract Mood Meter Sculptures in the Middle School

by Rebecca Dame-Seidler, MS Art Teacher

Sculpture students in the Middle Division visually explored emotional intelligence by creating sculptures that represented an emotion on the mood meter. Students first charted their mood on the mood meter and explained why they were feeling that way. They delved further into these emotions by answering the question, "What happens to our bodies and minds when we feel this way?" From here, they investigated how visual elements, such as line, shape, texture, and color can suggest the representation of an emotion. Going deeper by further characterizing an emotion, students combined elements with design principles such as pattern, emphasis, contrast, movement, unity and balance, to name a few. To aid the creative process and encourage divergent thinking, students were asked questions such as, "How can a line feel heavy or light? What might be all the ways you can represent happiness using the visual elements and principles of art?" For their final challenge, students created an abstract representation of a chosen emotion in three-dimensional form. Using a subtractive carving method, students were able to dig deep into the leather hard clay exploring the depths of their emotion. These interesting sculptural forms held their own without the element of color, but it certainly brought their concept to another level when painted. The sculptures are now on display outside the computer lab, placed thoughtfully in the pre-specified quadrant on our re-invented three-dimensional mood meter. The next time you're feeling an emotion and plotting it on the mood meter, ask yourself, what does my emotion look like?

View a Gallery of the Mood Meter Sculptures

List of Student Artists: Jenny B., Petroglyph. (Emotion: Whimsical); Ethan C., Les Miserables. (Emotion: Depression); Charlie C., Cozy. (Emotion: Pleasant); Jackson G., Ying & Yang. (Emotion: Energetic); Andrew G., The Monster Friend. (Emotion: Anything); Warner H., Artichoke. (Emotion: Concerned); Madeline Jalali, Sarcastic. (Emotion: Peeved?);' Ryan L., Warm. (Emotion: Relaxed); Emma M.. Ecstatic. (Emotion: Joyful); Bryan M., Disturbia. (Emotion: Anger); Tatiana O., Irritation. (Emotion: Irritated); Jackson R., Zap! (Emotion: Energized); Meredith S., Energized. (Emotion: Energized); Sammy S., Bubbles. (Emotion: Tranquil); Emma S., Gaga! (Emotion: Excited); Chloe S., Empty. (Emotion: Drained); Lucy V., Calm. (Emotion: Calm); Nick V., Curious. (Emotion: Zen); Erin W., Intertwined Doves. (Emotion: Peaceful).

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