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Student Support


The Middle School Advisory program allows students to develop connections with faculty members who are available to support students throughout their 7th and 8th Grade experience. The 7th Grade theme of Equity, Inclusivity, and Diversity is woven into all aspects of the program. This theme is integral in fostering community and supporting students through their transition to middle school. The 8th Grade theme, Leadership: Start Strong, End Well, enhances the innate leadership skills of our thirteen and fourteen year old students. Taking responsibility and caring for our community is a vital aspect of the 8th Grade Advisory program.

The faculty advisor is responsible for assisting students to integrate into the Brentwood School community both academically and socially. The advisor monitors his/her students’ academic success and helps students in obtaining academic support when necessary.

Students meet in Advisory numerous times per week. Meeting times are devoted to a Life Skills program that encourages age appropriate conversations concerning issues that are important to young adolescents. Students explore topics that include organization, study skills, substance abuse, coping with peer pressure, ethical decision making, and self-advocacy. Brentwood's core values, Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring, Community, and Diversity, are discussed throughout the year and are the foundation for our character education curriculum. The conversations take place in a safe, supportive environment moderated by the faculty advisor.

Psychologist/Learning Specialist

Our Middle School Psychologist and Learning Specialist interacts with parents, students, and teachers regarding the social-emotional, academic, interpersonal, and learning processes of our students. We take a proactive approach to tracking our students and their academic and social well-being. We strive to get to know each student personally so we can provide them with needed support at any time.

Additionally, the Learning Specialist analyzes family provided assessment information regarding learning processes of students. This information is used to assist the teachers in understanding how best to help the different learners in our classrooms and to assist students with how they learn best. The Middle School Psychologist also connects with parents and students to assist with any type of social-emotional situation that arises.

Student Support Staff

Teri Goldman

Learning Specialist, Middle School

Lee Herzog

School Counselor/Psychologist, Middle School
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