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Upper School (9-12)


We expect our graduates to think critically, to reason scientifically, to understand the relationship between the global economy and sustainable environments, to attain proficiency in a foreign language (or languages), to recognize how art impacts business, culture, and commerce (and vice versa), to articulate ideas in different forums and through various media, and to become conversant in the cultural and religious beliefs of a number of countries.

Of paramount importance in our students’ lives is helping them to find balance. We encourage students to continue pursue their athletic interests and artistic passions and to engage in the life of the school. As a small community, we cannot absorb many “specialists”; our athletes are artists, our singers are poets, our thespians are skilled debaters, and our dancers are student leaders. Not only are our students’ tastes diverse, but their accomplishments are lauded and supported by their peers and faculty.

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Upper School News

by Dr. Trina Moore-Southall, Director of Equity and Inclusion

On Tuesday, January 17, our Middle and Upper School students and faculty were invited to virtually sit at a table with Civil Rights Icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Students experienced video footage and photographs of Dr. King and other other civil rights activists projecting through the screen as Dr. King's voice spoke of standing up for justice, being tired but still persistent, and of course, his dream for an equitable America. A national touring company, At the Table with Dr. King, travels across the country to challenge students to think about their calling, responsibility and accountability in doing what is ethical and just. We experienced a dramatic portrayal of Martin Luther King reciting a poem. Jazz and gospel music told powerful stories of challenge, resistance, and triumph. Students were invited to participate as mock protesters who held up signs for equal pay, desegregation, women's rights, and education. We sang along to "Lean on Me" and we were moved as we listened to Mahalia Jackson's rendition of "Precious Lord". We saw photos of high school students who were volunteering in various capacities to serve others. This was a lesson in American history and a theatrical and musical experience. It was an embrace and celebration of Brentwood's core values.

Middle School students used their advisory time the following day to process their individual and collective benefits from the Civil Rights Movement. Students were asked to write or illustrate one way they personally will act to ensure that the work of Dr. King keeps moving forward. They then shared anything that they can do to create a more just and merciful world for humanity. Their ideas were written on paper footprints to communicate how we are to keep moving.

Discussions in upper school advisories posed questions such as: What did they take away with them from yesterday? What about Dr. King's message resonates with them, and what do they admire about him personally? In what ways has our society progressed since the Civil Rights Era and in what areas do we still have many opportunities for improvement? What are a couple of issues that matter to them and how can they contribute?

A focus of the assembly was the significance of the youth voice. Organizations such as SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and the Freedom Riders relied on young people to be involved and engaged. The message was made clear that there is an inherent responsibility for civil rights in our world today.

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by Dr. Tamara Miller, Academic Dean and Robotics Advisor

The Brentwood School Robotics Team is competing again this Saturday at Marlborough School, under the direction of their new coach Ronit Kumar. This will be the third scrimmage of the season. Currently Brentwood has two teams. At the end of the last scrimmage, the two teams were in 4th and 5th place with two more scrimmages to go before they compete on February 5 at a regional tournament in Riverside with over thirty Southern California schools competing.

Ronit has a long history with various robotics competitions after being a leader on his own team at Beverly Hills High School. He attended The Ohio State University College of Engineering where completed his B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering. Since then, Ronit has been working with two schools in the LA area as a technology integration specialist while still spending summers with the STEM Education Camp, PlanetBravo.

"I feel so fortunate to work with such an exceptional and diverse group of students at Brentwood," said Ronit. "The members of our teams have such a wide range of skills. Mentoring the students in introductory engineering concepts to add to their skill set is one of the most fulfilling feelings. Their hard work throughout this season and recent accomplishments at our competition make me very proud. Congratulations to our growing Robotics team!"

Ronit will be on campus in the afternoon a few days a week working with our students. We wish them the best of luck at their upcoming events!

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Two of our Upper School faculty members share their insights on special stress-relieving Community Time exercises that took place this week, as well as a highlights from special Assembly speaker, David Romano...

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In the Downstairs Gallery: US Drawing and Composition
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In the Downstairs Gallery: US Drawing and Composition
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