Click here to download the US Curriculum Guide 2015-2016.

Brentwood School requires students successfully complete the following courses prior to graduation from the Upper School. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the completion of all graduation requirements:

  • English: eight semesters
  • Math: six semesters
    (including Algebra I, II and Geometry)
  • History: six semesters
    (including Ancient World, Modern World, and U.S. History)
  • Language: (through the 3rd level of the language)
  • Science: six semesters
    (including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)
  • Arts: three semesters
    (including courses in two different Arts disciplines)*
  • Physical Education: four semesters
    (each team sport equals one semester; the P.E. requirement must be completed before graduation)
  • Human Development: one semester in 9th Grade
  • Community Service: (please see “Senior Service Project” in the Family Handbook)

A student must complete satisfactorily at least five academic courses each semester - excluding P.E. and Independent Study courses. The Upper School Director may approve an exception to this requirement.

*Arts disciplines include dance, drama, technical theater, choral music, ceramics, drawing, stained glass, orchestra, photography, digital photography, jazz band, and music ensemble. The 3 semester graduation requirement for Fine Arts must be completed by taking two semesters in one discipline and a third semester in a different discipline.