College Placement

The following is a complete list of college acceptances from the Class of 2013. A school in bold denotes where students matriculated in 2013:

    American University

    American University of Paris

    Arizona State University

    Bard College 

    Barnard College

    Baylor University

    Belmont University

    Bentley University

    Boston College

    Boston University

    Brown University

    Bucknell University

    California Lutheran University

    Cal. State Poly U., Pomona

    Cal. State University, Northridge

    Carleton College

    Case Western Reserve University

    Chapman University

    Claremont McKenna College

    Clemson University

    Colgate University

    Colorado State University

    Columbia University

    Connecticut College

    Cornell University  

    Drew University

    Duke University

    Emerson College

    Emory University

    Eugene Lang College

    Fordham University

    Georgetown University

    George Washington University

    Grinnell College

    Hamilton College

    Harvard University

    Harvey Mudd College

    Haverford College

    Hofstra University

    Indiana University

    Johns Hopkins University

    Kenyon College

    Lafayette College

    Lake Forest College

    Lehigh University

    Lewis & Clark College

    Louisiana State University

    Loyola Marymount University

    Loyola University Chicago

    Middlebury College

    Mills College

    Montana State University

    Morehouse College

    Muhlenberg College

    New York University

    New York University, Shanghai

    Northeastern University

    Northern Arizona University

    Northwestern University

    Occidental College

    Ohio State University

    Pace University

    Pennsylvania State University

    Pomona College

    Princeton University

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Rice University

    Saint Mary’s College

    San Jose State University

    Santa Clara University

    Santa Monica College

    Sarah Lawrence College

    Seattle University

    Skidmore College

    Smith College

    Southern Methodist University

    Stanford University

    Syracuse University

    Texas Christian University

    Trinity College

    The New School for

      Jazz and Contemporary Music

    Tufts University

    Tulane University

    U.C. Berkeley

    U.C. Davis

    U.C. Irvine

    U.C. Los Angeles

    U.C. Merced

    U.C. San Diego

    U.C. Santa Barbara

    U.C. Santa Cruz

    University of Alabama

    University of Arizona

    University of Chicago

    University of Colorado

    University of Denver

    University of Hawaii

    University of Illinois

    University of Kansas

    University of Miami

    University of Michigan

    University of Notre Dame

    University of Oregon

    University of Pennsylvania

    University of Richmond

    University of San Diego

    University of San Francisco

    University of Southern California

    University of St. Andrews

    University of Tennessee

    University of Texas

    University of the Pacific

    University of Vermont

    University of Virginia

    University of Washington

    University of Wisconsin

    Vanderbilt University

    Vassar College

    Wake Forest University

    Washington University

    Wellesley College

    Wesleyan University

    Whittier College

    Willamette University

    Worchester Polytechnic Institute

    Yale University