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How Does Brentwood School Inspire Meaning?

Dr. Mike Riera, Head of School

Brentwood School
inspires every student to:

Think critically and creatively.
Act ethically.
Shape a future with meaning.

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Many Paths to Explore

Brentwood School is a place where scholars, athletes, artists, and activists, inventors and aspiring leaders are all at home. It's also a place where one person can take on many of these roles. At Brentwood, we believe you should be—and be celebrated for—all the things you want to be.

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Andrew S. '20

"I really wanted to tackle both the musical as well as tennis, and my teachers made it possible for me to do both to the best of my ability. The faculty and staff are super supportive of everything that students have going on outside and inside the classroom."

Justine B. '26

"I've tried a lot of things at school. Some were good, some were not so good, but I never would've known if I hadn't tried."


Tyler F. '24

"At Brentwood, we have the opportunity to find activities we didn't know we had a passion for. Last year, I took a Robotics course, which I had never thought about trying. In English, we studied a music album and looked deep into the poetry of the lyrics. And in Global Studies, we learned about the UN Sustainable Goals and wrote letters to leaders and human rights defenders around the world. Every day, I get a chance to explore something new."

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Small Acts

At the start of last week, Post-it’s began appearing conspicuously around the Upper School—on walls, bathroom mirrors, doors, and on tables. The “Box of Compliments” pictured above was left on a picnic table and filled with Post-it compliments, there for the taking. As of this morning, they’ve all been taken. Started by some anonymous Upper School students, these Post-it’s have put smiles on all of our faces.

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The Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Every year, one of the most impactful experiences that students have is the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC), and this year was no different. The most popular conference of its kind, schools across the country are limited to 6 participants. These student participants engage in workshops, conversations, activities, and exercises that require them to think critically about their own identities and those of others. With workshops on justice and how to not be a bystander, students are empowered to advocate for themselves and other marginalized groups.

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Remarkable Potential

The learning experience at Brentwood is inspired by ambitious goals: for students to build sophisticated intellectual skills, to engage deeply with material, and to prepare for the challenges we know lie ahead, as well as those impossible to foresee.

Values in Action

As we guide our students, we strive to help them grow in integrity, self-understanding, resilience, and leadership. Our open and welcoming community is fostered through the daily living of our Core Values.

Innovative Leadership

By continuing to explore and evolve, we bring a unique vitality to the Brentwood experience. Nowhere is this spirit more clear than in the Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership, a groundbreaking initiative through which our teachers and students engage with real-world challenges in exciting ways.

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Start Curious.
Stay Curious.
Go Anywhere.

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