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The Groundbreaking: Brentwood, Even Better!

This time of year is filled with goodbyes. The first big one is Commencement. Long after the seats are vacant and the stage is empty, the memory of fond reminiscences, poignant music, words of wisdom, and heartfelt congratulations lingers. Sixth graders also bid farewell to their years at the Lower School as they look forward to moving east. Following suit are the eighth graders with their anticipation of climbing the hill and the associated range of emotions.

On June 11, 2017, there was one final goodbye added to the list, and it was huge. It was a defining moment in school history as we bade farewell to the field (the Middle School Field) as we've known it since 1972. We spread the word that everyone who loves Brentwood School was invited to join in, and the response was staggering. Close to 700 came to celebrate with us; I am confident that there have never been more Brentwood fans in one place at the same time. View a gallery of images!

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BWS Success

We are writing to share the very exciting news that, on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved Brentwood School's conditional use permit for our 30-Year Education Master Plan. This pivotal moment was more than a decade in the making, from the beginning of the master plan process and covenant negotiations to final approval. The enthusiastic, overwhelmingly positive support of everyone in our school community played a part in its success. What an incredible legacy we have built together...

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