Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Education Master Plan?

The Education Master Plan, at its core, is about continuing to provide a vibrant education for our students, and to adapt to changes in education by improving and upgrading our facilities without expanding outside the footprint of our property. The plan includes improvements and upgrades to both our East Campus and our West Campus. For more information please visit the Overview page of the website.

Why do you need an Education Master Plan?

Our East Campus has been operating continuously as a school since 1930 and our West Campus has been operating continuously as a school since 1947. The Education Master Plan allows Brentwood School to upgrade our facilities to meet the needs of the students of today and tomorrow and to continue to deliver a vibrant education by adapting to changes in best education practices.

What is the community covenant for the East Campus?

Brentwood School worked hand-in-hand with our residential neighbors to define a plan for the East Campus that ensures a healthy future for our school while also providing transparency and certainty that the school will continue to be a good neighbor for the next 30 years. The covenant is a legally binding 30 year agreement that was negotiated and signed by Residential Neighbors of Brentwood School (RNBS) and Brentwood Homeowners Association (BHA). It allows the East Campus to responsibly upgrade, replace, and add to our facilities over time with a hard cap on peak hour vehicle trips, as well as limitations to square footage, noise, height and construction hours.

The covenant also allows for an increase in enrollment of 265 students, phased in over a 4 year period. This is the first enrollment increase in 23 years. The enrollment cannot be increased again for another 30 years and is tied to a hard cap on peak hour vehicle trips.

This is the School’s second covenant with RNBS and BHA. During the course of the first 20 year covenant, signed in 1992, the school never requested any changes or variances.

Why doesn't the West Campus have a covenant?

There is no change in the current enrollment of 300 students for the West Campus and the Education Master Plan for this campus is modest and is focused on upgrading facilities. In addition, since 1997, the West Campus has been subject to a modified Conditional Use Permit with the City of Los Angeles. The conditions of this modified CUP were defined by our neighbors, and the school has remained in compliance. The CUP includes strict limitations on traffic and parking, including a carpooling program with strict average vehicle ridership (AVR) requirements and a traffic monitoring program, as well as limits on noise, lighting, height, and use.

What are some of the highlights of the Brentwood School Education Master Plan?

The Brentwood School Master Plan is a project focused on investing and improving the student experience for today and tomorrow, while providing transparency and assurances to our neighbors.


— The West Campus plan is modest and will take place in two phases that include removing seven small buildings, replacing two buildings and adding one new building. There is no change in current enrollment of 300.


— The key vision for the future of the East Campus is to create a new Middle School for our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, as well as to replace and upgrade existing facilities. The Middle School building is in Phase One and is the only part of the plan we are moving forward with in the near future.

— There are 4 phases conducted over 30 years, with many years spanning in between with no construction. The plan includes removing two buildings, renovating two buildings, replacing two buildings, and adding three new buildings.

— In addition, the covenant allows for the first East Campus enrollment increase in 23 years – adding 265 students gradually over a 4-year period. (Current enrollment is 695) With this agreement, our enrollment cannot be increased again for another 30 years. This enrollment increase is tied to the hard cap on peak hour vehicle trips as required in the covenant.

— During the course of our first covenant, signed in 1992, the school never requested any variances or changes.

Why are you increasing enrollment on your East Campus?

Some of the increase is to accommodate bringing 6th Grade students to the East Campus. The remainder is a modest increase in the number of students in each Grade 7 through 12.

This enrollment increase is also needed to help increase our student diversity and allow us to offer our students more breadth and depth of opportunity in terms of electives and other enrichment programs.

It was crucial to our covenant to find a responsible way to modestly grow enrollment on our East Campus while still providing our neighbors legally binding assurances that this would not result in an increase in traffic. Even with the increase in enrollment, the school will be held to the same hard cap on peak hour vehicle trips for the next 30 years.

During the course of our first covenant, signed in 1992, the school never requested any variances or changes.

What are you doing to address traffic?

Brentwood School, working with RNBS (Residential Neighbors of Brentwood School) and BHA (Brentwood Homeowners Association), has agreed to maintain a hard cap on East Campus a.m. and p.m. peak hour vehicle trips for the next 30 years. This hard cap is defined and established with our neighbors through a series of monitored counts, and includes both entering and exiting vehicles. Our peak hour vehicle trips will be carefully counted twice a year by a mutually agreed upon traffic consultant, with monitoring and oversight by Brentwood Homeowners Association.

For the last two decades, the East Campus has worked within a trip cap and has remained in compliance. This new hard trip cap is significantly more stringent than the one under our previous covenant. It covers much longer hours, counts both entering and exiting vehicles, comes with more monitoring, and adds more significant financial penalties if the school is not in compliance.

The East Campus plan also improves our transportation, queuing, arrival, and departure sequencing to minimize any back up on local streets. The newly reconfigured entrance on Barrington Place is designed to take vehicles immediately off of the street and onto our property for queuing. This is a significant improvement over today.

Please know that stringent requirements regarding traffic are already incorporated, and that we are taking to heart Councilman Bonin’s proclamation to ensure that each new project along the corridor reduce traffic.

How are you managing construction traffic?

Brentwood School has agreed to limit construction hours to between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., with heavy truck and equipment traffic limited to off peak hours.

On the East Campus, there is a plan for construction and haul trucks to enter and exit through alternate routes, when possible, to avoid major streets. This is something we have been able to do on past construction projects.

On the West Campus, we have two possible routes depending on conditions at the time of construction. One is Sunset Boulevard to and from the 405 and the second is Kenter/Bundy, San Vicente, and Wilshire to and from the 405. The school will work to select the most efficient, least impactful route based on traffic conditions at the time.

Does the Education Master Plan include any Veterans Administration land?

The Brentwood School Education Master Plan does not include anything on VA property.

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