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Upper School Ceramics

Ceramics students train in pinch, slab, and coiling plus high fire glaze applications and have access to practice the potter’s wheel.

Ceramics is a skill-based course that offers students the opportunity to work with their hands in a tactile way. Students are taught basic hand-building techniques which require attentively watching demonstrations, focus, and practice. During the first quarter, students worked at a leisurely pace with low-pressure skill-building exercises. This process is designed to help develop creative confidence. After much practice, these skills are eventually applied to small theme-based sculptures—whereby students are taught more challenging techniques such as conceptualizing and using armatures.

Fall Harvest Ceramic ‘Thank-ins’

"If you are looking for a smile, enjoy this year's Thankins. Our pumpkin ceramic sculptures were inspired by the theme of Thanksgiving and gratitude."

Land Art

9-12th Grade students learn about the elements of art and design and how these apply to creating art from nature. While collecting found objects and assembling their personalized land art sculptures Ceramic/Sculpture students were able to express their heartfelt concerns and feelings during the start of the pandemic and remote learning.

Ceramic Crab Fest

Springtime reminds us to slow down and smell the roses. Students applied principles of art and design aesthetics, style, and personality to create humorous sculptures. We hope that our little crab friends with big personalities will make you smile.

Once Upon a Time in the Land of Frogs

During remote learning, Ceramic/Sculpture students made frog sculptures and posed them in their gardens. They were asked to name their frogs and explain their symbolic significance based on cultural or personal viewpoints. This video is a montage of their creative accomplishments

Rise: Ceramics Level I-IV

This video showcases many of the amazing artworks created by 9-12 mixed-level Ceramic/Sculpture students during remote learning.