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Upper School Photography

With access to our own darkroom and numerous digital tools, students at Brentwood can explore photography for a semester survey or dive deeply into their passion with advanced courses and mentorship.

Upper School Photography students have produced some great work this semester. From self-portraits and portrait collages using photoshop, to more technical projects like forced perspective and refractions with crystal balls, students have explored various genres in photography to give them a broader skill set in the medium to create some eye-catching and creative photographs that they are very proud of.
In Upper School Digital Art and Photoshop classes, students use a wide range of teacher-made and curated Photoshop tutorials to create high quality work showing a wide range of skill and creativity. The use of the tutorials with additional instruction from the teacher gives students a one-on-one learning experience in the class where they can go at their own pace to fit their style of learning.