Creatively Considering The Scarlet Letter
Creatively Considering The Scarlet Letter

by Claire Mittelman, Upper School English Teacher

Recently, AP Language and Composition students entered the world of Nathaniel Hawthorne's iconic American novel, The Scarlet Letter. Set it Puritan times but written in the mid-19th Century, Hawthorne's novel engages enduring questions about the relationship between society and the individual, many of which continue to resonate with readers today.

AP Language and Composition includes the study of rhetoric. Students review forms of expression and explore which rhetorical strategies most effectively convince an audience of an author's purpose. To unify the study of rhetoric with their reading of this novel, students have developed artwork to express an essential understanding of The Scarlet Letter, and through their art, they hope to persuade the gallery visitors of their perspective.

As you enjoy the exhibit, you will see collections of art that have sprung from the imaginations of the students and that reflect central themes of the novel. To convey their perspective, students have crafted collection and object labels, arranged and installed the artwork, and designed the layout of the exhibition itself. In considering these details, students are expected to appeal to their audience, the viewer, you.

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