Latinx Alumni Panel
Latinx Alumni Panel

On Monday, January 7, LSA kicked off the beginning of the second semester with our alumni lunch. The alums spoke to our current students about their college experiences and shared some words of wisdom: "Stop stressing!" "Brentwood prepares you very well for college" "Have a balanced life of academics and some time for a social life too" and "Take care of yourself physically and emotionally."

The students also spoke about transitioning into their schools, new things they learned, such as doing laundry, cooking, taking care of yourself when you are sick. They realized that besides academic challenges, there are the everyday life lessons and challenges that they also had to learn, especially since there was no one from home to help them.

Before the panel finished, the alums advised the students to learn the everyday life lessons here at home, like doing laundry, learn to make a few easy meals, learn about grocery shopping, etc. If you learn this now, it makes the transition a bit easier when you are away from home.

LSA would like to thank Nick C. '18, Sophia H. '18, Marlen R.'17, Brandon L.'17, ME C '17. for taking the time to visit and share their experiences.

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