National School Walkout
National School Walkout

by Lily R. '19 >> Over 400 Brentwood School middle and high school students united to promote school safety as they walked off campus in honor of the one month anniversary of the shooting that left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The walkout began with a moment of silence. Students, many of whom wore orange clothing, were alternately sober, carrying posters with pictures commemorating each of the Parkland victims, and energized, carrying homemade signs that exercised their right to protest. Some chanted "Enough is Enough!" as they streamed down Sunset Boulevard in West Los Angeles.

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The walkout was the product of hours of planning by a group of concerned student advocates. The group emphasized that this was a nonpartisan, voluntary event in support of school safety meant to honor those who died in Parkland and other victims of school gun violence.

"I think students felt that they had made an impact, knowing that they were doing something to disrupt the normal school day to make a statement about school safety," senior and student organizer Eve L. said. "Students were touched and moved by the event, particularly because we were on Sunset Boulevard. The honking, thumbs-ups, peace signs and waving we got from passing cars was really reaffirming. It showed that there are many people who support this student movement."

In an effort to support its students, Brentwood School's administration scheduled advisory meetings at the time of the walkout and coordinated extra security to keep students safe as they exited the campus and crossed onto Sunset.

The demonstration was the first of its kind at Brentwood School, a moment of empowerment for its students.

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