Sock Drive for Veterans Exceeds Goal...Again!
Sock Drive for Veterans Exceeds Goal...Again!

by Sienna N. '23

Service Leadership is grateful for the bond we have with local Veterans. It is something truly special and we have participated in various events to further that connection. For example, we collected school supplies for children of Veterans. We delivered the supplies, distributed blankets, and then served food at the Pre-Veterans Day BBQ. The time we spent talking with Veterans allowed us to have one-on-one experiences with each of them and learn about their moving stories. It makes much more of an impact on both us and the recipient when we get to deliver, in person, the items we've collected as a team.

Service Leadership's current project is the VA Sock Drive. We spread awareness by making announcements, filming a music video of our teachers dancing with socks to the song "Footloose," and heading down to the Lower School for an announcement at the All-School PA meeting. We exceeded our first goal of 500 pairs and our second goal of 700 pairs! Our current count is 844 pairs of socks! And, we are proud to announce that Knock Knock Give a Sock is partnering with us to match our donations. This year we will be giving more than 1600 pairs of socks, tights, and pantyhose to homeless Veterans. Thank you to all of the Middle School families who generously contributed to the VA Sock Drive.

The thing I most enjoy about Service Leadership, is the collaborative process of choosing different issues we're passionate about and setting up these types of drives and service projects. As a team, we all bounce creative ideas off of each other that inspire change and help impact not only our Brentwood community, but other communities as well. I have always had a passion for community service, and personally, being a part of this team has been the perfect outlet. Being a part of this team has helped shape me into the Brentwood Student I am and instills the core values within me.

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