United We Stand: Highlights from the All-Family Celebration of Diversity
United We Stand: Highlights from the All-Family Celebration of Diversity

by Trina Moore-Southall, Director of Equity and Inclusion

Brentwood's 2nd Annual All-Family Celebration of Diversity expressed community, unity, and togetherness at Brentwood. On Sunday, September 24, families from Grades K-12, along with faculty and staff, engaged in conversations, ate delicious ethnic foods, played games, and listened to music-all in the spirit of diversity. View the photo gallery! The East Campus gym was festive with cultural decorations, art projects, diverse books from our libraries, games and student, Nick B. as the DJ. Highlights of the afternoon included performances from Brentwood's Drill Team and a Bollywood Dance from Brentwood's Dance Company. Dr. Mike emphasized the need for us as a school to come together, listen to each other, stretch our thinking, and expand our horizons. A representative from each parent affinity group spoke to their purpose at Brentwood. Look for events throughout the year that are sponsored by Brentwood's affinity groups. Know that each member of the community can participate and support all events. The entire afternoon reflected a beautiful camaraderie. I feel proud to be part of this dynamic community.

"So many things to say and share regarding yesterday's wholesome and heartwarming day. The entrance of the gym studded with FOUR bouncy houses!!, the global greeting at the door of the gym with flags of the world adorning name tags of all that were walking in (India, Ireland and Africa ran out 19 minutes into the day!), the colorful and artistic balloons placed all over the gym, a fantastic dj, and places of play/interaction and mingling for all ages as well as the delicious food!! So much more...but I can say that my whole person felt nothing but warmth. It felt like a large gathering of family and friends that I have at my own home. Kids dancing, running around and sometimes falling, folks moving around in different social circles, stopping to get food and moving on again, all while pictures snapped throughout." —Tasnim Shamji, Parent

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