Welcome Back to Brentwood
Welcome Back to Brentwood

Earlier this week, I read, with great interest, an article in the Wall Street Journal: The Exercise that Helps Mental Health Most, that made me even more excited for the start of school. Turns out that the types of exercise that make the biggest difference in terms of mental health are team sports and the exercises you do in groups. That is, the social-interpersonal aspect of how you exercise adds to the already significant benefits of exercise.

All of our faculty and staff have been on campus since Monday for Inservice week. It has been wonderful to see returning and new employees connect and collaborate so well right from the start. Observing them in action has underscored my confidence in the exceptional skills, talents, and qualities of our entire faculty and staff. We are, therefore, more than ready to reunite our entire "team" by welcoming students and families tor the 2018-19 school year! That is, we've been apart most of the summer and it is time to come together and make the most of the social-interpersonal gains of learning together. This is our team exercise. And, judging by the tone of this Inservice week, it promises to be a phenomenal year, K-12.

Enjoy the weekend and know that we are biting at the bit to welcome your children back to Brentwood.

Dr. Mike

Media Statement: AUGUST, 2018

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