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2nd Grade Wax Museum Smartphone Artifact Project
by Marissa Shaevel, Ed Tech Teaching Associate

Second graders have been researching "individuals who have made a difference" for their annual Wax Museum project, which took on a new twist this year, thanks to a special collaboration with the BCIL.

Normally held each year in the Arts and Athletics Building on the West Campus during the week of Grandparents and Special Friends Days, this project involves each 2nd grader choosing an important historical figure to research and then create a speech to share in a "wax museum," wearing costumes to accurately portray the figure as if they were a wax figure. This year, the students' "difference makers" ranged from Marie Curie, a chemist who discovered radium, to Jonny Kim, a Navy lieutenant, doctor and NASA astronaut, Jackie Robinson, baseball great, to Greta Thurnberg, climate change activist. Students have taken the research process very seriously, and it shows through their work. 

Students got into their difference maker's head and used what they learned through their research to create a smartphone in their Ed Tech classes. The BCIL seeks to engage students with real world challenges so with this in mind, students thought about what issues were most important to their difference maker and how they worked to make a positive change. They first brainstormed four featured apps, which included: real world challenge, game, reading, and music. Students had to think of catchy titles that could represent their person in these categories. Students needed to ask themselves important questions such as, "What real world challenge did my difference maker work on?" "What was a challenge they overcame?" "What game might they enjoy playing?" "What would they be reading about?" and "What type of music or song might be in their playlist?" Students then thought of a couple photos that might be in their difference maker's photo gallery on their phone, using a program called Wixie to bring their vision to life.

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