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3rd Graders Engage in the BCIL Challenge of the Month
by Michele Maringola, 3rd Grade Teacher

One of the most exciting and rewarding activities that 3rd Grade has accomplished since our return to campus has been engaging in the BCIL Challenge of the Month related to Global Goal #14: Life Below Water. Students heard from guest speaker Liam F. ’20 in March at the BCIL Speaker Series and, through Liam’s passion for ocean conservation, he quickly pointed out two contributing factors to our ocean crisis: ocean pollution and ghost nets. Liam then left students with the challenge: how might we better protect and preserve life below water? The students quickly identified that this is a real world challenge and they wholeheartedly wanted to be a part of a solution. The students found that they could easily dedicate time and service to being innovators, inventors, and campaigners. They created posters, Google slides, videos, banners, songs, and even inventions. Then, they went out and campaigned to a variety of Upper and Middle School students. Third Grade is proud to partner with the BCIL team to make a positive social impact.
After taking part in their daily campaigning, students felt a great deal of pride and accomplishment. Third Grade student Jaden G. said, “I liked presenting to the high schoolers. I have learned to reuse, reduce, and recycle. It felt good seeing people pledging that they would protect marine life. I hope more people will throw away trash and remove ghost nets because it will help our animals in the ocean a lot.”

3rd Grade student Leo G. commented, “I felt excited that I would be able to present to the high schoolers, and I learned that everyone can make a difference if we pick up trash and recycle. I did not realize that so many people depend on the ocean to survive and that encouraged me to help protect it. I love sea animals and I hope we can protect them."

Student Melina B. said, “I was a bit scared because the seniors were way older and I figured they knew a lot about what we were talking about, but I was really confident about our presentation because it was from us, and we were teaching them.”

Billy L. said, “After the presentation, I was so happy and I felt like my heart was filled and I had made the ocean’s day.”

Please help support the 3rd Grade and make a difference by taking the pledge and check out a gallery of images from the events held this week.

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