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A Brentwood Love Story
Erika Green Frazier '96 and Javon Frazier '96

I’m a sucker for romance. I was giddy when Big followed Carrie to Paris. I was beside myself when Prince Akeem lifted the veil to find Lisa underneath. Heck – I cheered when Kristoff asked Anna to marry him. 

For Javon and I, while our love story may not be as grand as any of those, my heart still skips a beat when I think about it.

Javon and I met in 7th grade. It definitely was not love at first sight. We weren’t even really friends but since, at the time, Brentwood was so small, everyone knew everyone.

He first “noticed me” about 4 years later at fellow alum Ashley Kern’s 16th birthday party. I was completely oblivious.

We graduated from Brentwood and went our separate ways only for me to wind up getting an internship near his house the summer before sophomore year of college.  At that point, the “noticing” was mutual and I was no longer oblivious. We were a couple by the time we went back to school that fall.

We stayed together through college and graduate programs and married in 2010. A wedding made even more special because Mr. V and many other lifelong friends from Brentwood were there to celebrate with us. (Image below)

We’ve been together for over 24 years and have two beautiful daughters, Chloe and Quinn.

Javon loves to tell people, and I quote, that

I chased him until he could run no more.

Whatever story you believe, there is no one I’d rather celebrate this Valentine’s Day with than the guy I met on the Brentwood gym bleachers 30 years ago.

Image of Erika and Javon Frazier with Brentwood alumni

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