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Advice to My Future Senior Self
by Tiffanie Gilder, 5th Grade Teacher

Fifth graders spent the month of May reminiscing on their time at the Lower School and built a time capsule that they will open as Seniors. Filled with projects, memories, and trinkets that are important to them, the time capsule also contains letters students wrote to their future 12th Grade selves. In these letters, they divulged friendship stories, current likes and dislikes, updates on what’s important to them in the world, as well as hopes and dreams for their future. Here are a few snippets of their advice:

"I hope you become a good person." —Oliver

"I hope you stay out of trouble." —Jacob

“No pain, no game!” —Rylan

“Trust yourself!” —Calum

“Hi future me! Don’t doubt yourself, always trust yourself.” —Cassidy

“Try to get a good GPA and study hard so you can start a successful business.” —Arianna

“Dear 12th Grade Maya! My advice is to keep trying because you will get there someday!” —Maya

“Always try to pursue your dreams.” —Kalil

“Make smart choices and know who you are hanging out with. Choose your friends so you can be your best self.” —Austin

“My advice is to make your parents proud and don’t skip school. Get all your homework done early and get good grades. Don’t stare at your screen too long.” —Noah

“It will all be okay. If things get hard, just remember that it will work out.” —Madison

“Never like the movie Eternals in the future.” —Max

“My advice to my future self is to never give up on your goals and make smart choices.” —Alice

“Always be kind, that’s the key to life. Also, never give up, even if you fail, try again.” — Nina

“Read as often as you can. Eat healthy. Don’t do bad things and get straight As.” —Dylan

“Be unique.” —Keaton

“I hope you work hard to your best potential in school and socially.” —Lauren

“My advice is to remember your banner quote! You only fail when you stop trying so keep trying.” —Levi

“Never give up on life. Try to hit a homerun and learn Spanish.” —Chippie

“I hope you never give up.” —Graham

“Always be kind and help others.” —Lily

“Nothing is given. Everything is earned.” —Henry A.

“Remember to turn in your homework on time.” —Tyce

“If you’re struggling or you’re stressed, just know that it will all be over soon, and you’ll be ok.” —Alexa

“Always be strong no matter what.” —Harper

“Remember to be awesome and cool beans.” —Beckett

“Speak up for yourself and don’t let others push you around.” —Pari

“Be yourself and don’t let anyone destroy your confidence.” —Holly

“Always do your best and don’t give up.” —Abby G.

“Keep going.” —MJ

“It’s not about how hard you fall down, it’s how strong you come back up.” —Honor 

“Be strong, be kind, be a good person, and do well in life.” —Henry N.

“Stay healthy and don’t overwork yourself.” —Sophia

“Always remember to try new things and believe in yourself.” —Wyatt

“Remember hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard, and practice makes perfect.” —Tyler

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” —Joshua

“Always be happy even during hard times.” —Abby Z.

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