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Alumni Spotlight: Kohshin Finley '08
Kohshin Finley '08

LA native and current resident Kohshin Finley grew up surrounded by art and creativity. Growing up in the community of South Los Angeles with two fashion designer parents, Finley’s venture into art and a creative life was inevitable. Finley creates portraits that convey the power and beauty of his friends as well as a sense of intimacy and personal connection.

Finley’s latest works display the intricate nature of love, in its brevity, density, and everything in between. This series of oil-based artworks serve as a response to not seeing love represented in art. By capturing his friends and flowers on large-scale canvas with this in mind, he expands the realities of what paintings can represent.

Finley has developed a practice that is becoming widely recognized by galleries and institutions in his native Los Angeles and beyond. This fall, Kohshin will be showcasing work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for their Black American Portraits exhibition, as well as a group exhibition with Jeffrey Deitch Gallery during Art Basel Miami. In print later this year, Kohshin and his artwork will be featured in New American Paintings, for the 2nd year in a row, and in Fine Art Connoisseur as one of their Five to Watch.

His work has been featured in Los Angeles Times, The Cut, Cultured, New American Paintings, Fine Art Connoisseur, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Hyperallergic, and Artillery.

Be sure to catch Kohshin’s work entitled "Essence and Jihaari" as part of "The Obama Portraits Tour” at LACMA on display until April 17, 2022.

Image of Essence and Jihaari, a painting by Kohshin Finley '08

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