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Augmented Reality Comes to the West Campus
Tony Reyes

by Pam Horrocks, Educational Technology Coordinator, Lower School

This past Monday, every Lower School student was immersed in a world of 3D augmented reality where sea animals, coral reef, DNA, planets and volcanoes came to life! Brentwood School students experienced Google's cutting-edge, not yet released to the public project, Google Expeditions Augmented Reality (AR) Pioneer Program. The Lower School halls were filled with "ooohs" and "ahhhhs" as students in every grade used Google's AR technology to explore as they walked around objects, crawled on the floor to look underneath them, zoomed in close to get an "inside" look and stepped back to see the full picture. This program is currently in Google's beta testing phase, and the invaluable feedback from our students will help the Google team shape their final product that will be released to the public this summer. Sixth Grade student, Dalton H., summed it up perfectly by exclaiming that "this is a magical way of learning," and we couldn't agree more!

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