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BCIL Challenges of the Month Update
by Sarah Bishop, BCIL Extracurricular Innovator & Collaborator

The most recent BCIL Challenges of the Month (see video) asked students to consider innovative responses to life in the time of a pandemic. Students submitted a range of thoughtful ideas such as a 3D printed system for handwashing, an app with real-time wait times and product inventory, redesigned face masks, and local, state, and federal policy measures to decrease panic buying and increase the production of essential goods. A few student responses are highlighted here in the BCIL Symposium.
The month prior the BCIL hosted a Speaker Series with Ron Finley and his son Azz (Class of 2005) who spoke about the lack of access to grocery stores and nutritious foods in communities across America. The Challenge they asked students to consider is, “How would you mobilize local resources and networks to bring awareness to and address issues of food injustice in America?” 
The Finleys reviewed the submissions and were really impressed by the students’ ideas and their support of this work. Sample submissions included an app connecting the food-growing community in order to highlight the need for food equity, healthier drive thru options in food deserts, hydroponic gardening, and meal delivery services that directly link farmers and consumers. You can view a couple of the notable submissions in the BCIL Symposium.
Select students will present their ideas and receive feedback remotely from government officials, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. 
Additionally, rising 9th through 12th Grade students participating in this month's BCIL Challenge might be interested in signing-up for "Confronting COVID-19: Los Angeles in the Time of a Pandemic," a remote Summer at Brentwood offering from June 15-26. View the course description HERE and sign up today!

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