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Documentary Filmmaking For Social Change
by Adam Preskill, Upper School Film Teacher

This month, the BCIL-designated class, "Documentary Filmmaking For Social Change" debuted their biggest projects of the year on Eaglevision, the online home of the Upper School film program.

Created over the course of 8 weeks, these films set out to accomplish two of the BCIL's Core Leadership Skills: adept communication and inspired community building. Each student chose a different real world challenge to focus on, with the goal of educating viewers on the chosen issue and advocating for positive change through a combination of original interviews and archival footage. The result was a series of films on topics ranging from global issues like the treatment of refugees, to local issues like the challenges faced by small businesses in the pandemic, to social issues such as the impact of social media on body image.

Tune in HERE, and keep an eye out for our final project of the semester: a collaborative documentary project entitled "Campus After COVID."

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