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BCIL Housewarming Party
Meredith Storrs, Assistant Director of Communications

After a semester of settling in, testing, iterating, and outfitting, the Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership rolled out the proverbial red carpet for a Housewarming party to showcase their new space. BCIL Collaborative members, together with the students who are already enjoying the new facilities, demonstrated the capacity of various BCIL tools and resources for students who have yet to use them in one of our Upper School courses or classroom projects. 

After touring the BCIL Hub, studio spaces, and fabrication lab, students gathered on the patio and in different rooms to test out technologies available to them through the BCIL. 


Bob Kahn tested various applications of the laser cutter by fabricating keychain designs for students to take as souvenirs.


Students saw our two laser cutters in action—one cutting wood and the other plastic—to better understand how they might be useful for a variety of prototyping projects or finished products.


Students experimented with a VR headset by trying their hand at a variety of programs in the BCIL Hub, our collaborative space outfitted for demonstrations, class projects, skype, and more.


Outside, the Robotics team showcased the types of autonomous and manual challenges that they are building robots to overcome. Their peers tested robots designed by the student robotics team to see if they could accomplish certain tasks. 


Following a case study from Mr. Masland’s Product Design and Fabrication class about how shade structures affect public spaces, visitors had the opportunity to try out some of the construction tools we have in the BCIL lab. 


This collaboratively built shade structure is the first prototype tested for the BCIL community garden, a new space behind the Academic Village that was unveiled during the Housewarming party.


The BCIL community garden was designed by students in the Sustainable Earth Engineering class as a study in how to landscape sustainably. After soil analysis, layout planning, and the installation of a self-sustaining water fountain, the garden space is now ready for visitors.


By providing the context for students to understand how the technology works, the BCIL Housewarming party sparked curiosity for how our resources can be used in a meaningful way to address real-world challenges.


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