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BCIL Impact Challenge Winners Visit JPL
by Zach Chien ’13, Assistant Director of the BCIL

Team No Glo, last year’s winners of the BCIL Impact Challenge on space exploration, recently visited NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a private tour. No Glo is currently researching innovative designs for lightweight environmental suits with improved radiation resistance.

Hear from the girls about their trip:

“The highlight of the visit for me was getting to see scientists building the Clipper spacecraft. The pieces of the spacecraft we saw will be orbiting Jupiter by 2029! Another part that I enjoyed learning about was the story behind the peanut jar. One of the workers in the control room passed around a jar of peanuts during a successful landing, so now it is a “ceremonial” thing they do every time there is an important landing...This experience has absolutely made me more excited to continue our own research! One thing I am incredibly excited to learn more about and apply to our research is the lead alloy already in use at NASA. This opportunity was incredible; I am so glad we had the chance to visit JPL and learn more about their current projects and help build on our own!” —Ramsey S. ‘27

[Photo: Ramsey S., Haley S., and Amelia S. enjoyed a private tour from Fred Serricchio, a senior engineer at JPL.]

“My highlight was getting to see the engineers work on the rovers and spacecrafts. It was so incredible to be able to see all the different parts of a spaceship come together. It's insane how many different parts there are to one spacecraft and how long it takes to build just one piece of it. It takes so much precision and practice to be able to work on a rover at JPL and it was really amazing to be able to see it come together. Being able to go to JPL was an amazing opportunity and I'm so glad I was able to go, and hopefully our trip will help us to work on our current BCIL project.” — Haley S. ’27

No Glo is currently working with Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez in the BCIL Applied Research Lab to continue their progress.

“The experience definitely made me more excited about our No Glo Spacesuit! It showed me it's possible to have an idea like ours and turn it into a real-life product. During our trip, I also learned the importance of getting many people's input on an idea. That is the best way to improve and make an even better outcome! I think it would be cool if we could collaborate with JPL in the future to work on radiation prevention and use their rovers to help us identify traits of the atmosphere on Mars. When we expand our radiation-preventative technology to other forms, we could contribute to the goal of humans eventually living on Mars!” —Amelia S. ’27


[Photo: The No Glo team holding Mission Control’s good luck charm: a jar of peanuts!]

This year’s BCIL Impact Challenge will be announced towards the beginning of the spring semester. Stay tuned!


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