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BCIL Lower School Challenges of the Month Report
by Sarah Bishop, BCIL Extracurricular Innovator & Collaborator, and Gina Rocca, BCIL Lower School Curriculum Innovator & Collaborator

The BCIL wants to thank everyone for their submissions, ideas, and participation in this semester's Lower School Challenges of the Month. Check out some of the creative solutions from our students.

#1: This spring, we asked the Lower School community to come together and consider the myriad of challenges stemming from life in the time of a pandemic and how we can help. Here are some of the ideas that Lower School students came up with, including Devyn S. and her family's pitch for a socially distanced Halloween!

#2: After the 3rd graders met with Dr. Ben LaBrot from Floating Doctors, they were left with a challenge to come up with making their own mask to help eliminate the spread of germs. Here is a short video showing many of the 3rd Grade mask designs, including Noah K. and his very creative origami mask.

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