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Opening of BCIL Applied Science Research Lab
by Dr. Josh Berger, Director of the BCIL

The Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership in collaboration with the Upper School Science Department is excited to announce the opening of its Applied Science Research Lab located directly across from the BCIL Fabrication Lab in the Eagles Center. This space will be used for ongoing scientific research related to real world challenges, and Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez (BCIL Curriculum Innovator and Collaborator and Upper School Science teacher) has already launched an Applied Science Practicum centered on students’ original independent research. 

Dedicated students are meeting after school and during lunches to further develop research literacy, lab skills, time management, and professional collaboration on original Science research projects. Each student participant will be submitting to regional and/or national science fairs, and some of their topics include the study of neurological disorders, growing plants in varied soils and atmospheres, terrestrialization of lunar and martian soils, and animal behavior on sugar. 

Said Dr. Gonzalez, “Our Eagles are contributing to the scientific community with a social justice mindset as they perform experiments, analyze data and present to the global scientific community. Through the BCIL Applied Science Research Lab, our Eagles are experiencing how all their subjects interconnect in action.”

The students working in the Lab are already expressing excitement for this new addition.
Said Junior Max W., “Having the opportunity to perform potentially groundbreaking research and experiments at our own school is not only something I look forward to but also is something that we are all grateful for.”

Added junior Alex K.,“I have always wanted to participate and contribute to scientific research, and when Dr. G. presented this opportunity, I was more than excited to start. I love hands-on projects, and the fact that the results of this research could potentially affect our world for the better is really inspiring.” 

All interested East Campus students will have the opportunity to use the BCIL Applied Science Research Lab. Faculty mentors are assigned from the Upper School Science Department based on the topic of research and various areas of expertise within the department. Upper School Science Department Chair, Sabrina Erickson said, “I’m excited for students to build on existing opportunities for research within our department, and I’m hopeful that students will use the opportunity to identify an area of interest and reach out to their science teachers to explore potential projects.”

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