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BCIL Speaker Series: Addressing Food Distribution during the Pandemic
by Sarah Bishop, BCIL Extracurricular Innovator and Collaborator

During this past Monday’s East Campus BCIL Speaker Series, 80 students in Grades 6-12 and faculty joined via Zoom to hear from Kevin Marchetti, a leader in an initiative to provide 100 million meals during this pandemic. Marchetti is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Lineage Logistics, one of the largest temperature-controlled warehouse and logistics companies in the world. Recently he partnered with Feeding America and several influential athletes such as Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum, the Miami Heat, the Detroit Pistons, Coach K and Duke’s Men’s Basketball to successfully provide food during this global crisis.

During the event Marchetti gave advice to students about how they can make a difference in their own community and challenged them to think through the logistics of delivering 100 million meals to those in need during this time. He really enjoyed answering questions and even said his leadership team is going to further explore a few of the ideas students suggested during the call.

Below are a few student reflections from our most recent BCIL Speaker Series:

“Hearing Mr. Marchetti reflect on his experience with starting a social movement was both motivating and valuable. I admire the fact that he decided his initial goal of serving 10 million meals wasn't high enough, so he set out to serve 100 million instead. One of my takeaways from the advice Mr.Marchetti left us with, is that one of the main reasons Feeding America has been so successful, is because of their ethos to help others, and if we as students are determined to help others, then we can make positive social change as well.” —Sienna N. ’23

“I enjoyed how Mr. Marchetti spoke in both a professional and easily understandable manner. He grabbed my interest immediately because of the caliber and universality of his work. In my future, I hope to have the vision and opportunity to tackle real-world problems in the same way Mr. Marchetti so nobly has.”—Sam R. ’20

"It was such an inspiring opportunity to hear from Mr. Marchetti and learn how organizations and athletes are working together to provide relief in this time of great need. We discussed issues from the harvest that is being wasted in the fields to the complexity of safely distributing products in food banks and to various communities. I had also never considered the crucial role food warehouses play through their reduction of food supply chain waste during this emergency. What stuck out most to me was his claim that unlike most crises in the past that were regional, the national closures of COVID-19 make this a scenario that requires a new level of creativity and care, which is a mindset I hope we all turn to at this critical moment." —Paola S. ’21

Read more about the "Share a Meal" campaign.

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