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BCIL Speaker Series: Igniting a Horticultural Revolution
by BCIL Staff

BCIL Speaker Series: Igniting a Horticultural Revolution

On February 25, BCIL Speaker Series featured father-son duo, Ron and Azzedine Finley. Ron Finley focuses on bringing healthy gardens and food to areas in Los Angeles which traditionally do not have them. You can learn more about him and his movement on his website, The Ron Finley Project. Last year Azz, Class of 2005, began working for the Belldegrun family at Bellco Capital, where he oversees the Accounting Department and is a licensed CPA. He also serves as the CFO of The Ron Finley Project. Cameron W. ’20, who was one of the students who introduced the Finleys, had this to say about the experience:

“The event was very eye-opening, as Ron Finley talked about his personal experience in trying to bring the idea of health and wellness through gardening to communities that are often overlooked in those conversations. One of the biggest takeaways for me personally was how important it is to persevere in the face of opposition, and if you want something, to go after it. He had to battle the city of Los Angeles, law enforcement, and other people who didn’t understand what he was trying to do. But he persisted in the face of those who opposed him and accomplished his goal of bringing fresh food to the community of South Los Angeles. It was also cool to learn that his son Azzedine graduated from Brentwood School in 2005. Overall, these types of series enrich the Brentwood School experience by providing diverse perspectives to the school community.” Cameron W. ’20

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