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BCIL Speaker Series: Leadership through Innovation & Entrepreneurship
by: Sarah Bishop, Extracurricular Innovator & Collaborator

One week ago, students and faculty in grades 6-12 were excited to learn from Walter Delph about combining innovative ideas and building businesses with an entrepreneurial mindset. Currently Delph is the Chief Business Officer at Magic Leap, a leading augmented reality company, where he oversees strategy, marketing, corporate communications, sales, business development, and mergers and acquisitions. He has over 20 years of experience in some of the world’s largest companies, including social media, e-commerce, advertising, video, and financial technology.

During the event, Delph shared his own professional journey and then posed a live challenge facing his industry:

 What tactic would you recommend industry leaders in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality adopt to win new customers to the superior virtual experience?

Students met in groups of 4-5 and offered a range of suggestions, including many which are directly relevant to innovating in a virtual classroom, such as: “When you think of Zoom, you think of slow wifi, issues with tech, etc. What if this could have a built in google portal, multiple split screens, fun filters, and things that make up a class-like atmosphere?” Another group “decided that we should have VR classes as an option. For example, in science class, you could pick up certain vials and mix solutions in augmented reality. Not only this, but we could implement activities that we wouldn’t be able to do in-person (such as using Google Earth-like programs to explore the world). Including senses would be a nice touch too. For example, the VR would make one feel cold when you go to Russia when it is snowing.”

BCIL Entrepreneurship Coordinator Zach Chien ’13 shared his students' reflections from  the Advanced Entrepreneurship course about Delph's making Augmented Reality a mainstream technology:

"Augmented reality can seem expensive and only available for people with specific use cases, so it's exciting to see how Walter and his company can make the technology more accessible for wider audiences."
"Walter predicted that everyone would know what AR is in two years. I can't wait to try a demo video of the device soon. "

Students enjoyed learning about this cutting edge technology and hearing from one of the world's leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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