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BCIL Symposium Highlights K-12 Projects & Classes 
Katie McKellar, BCIL Assistant Director

This year we hosted our first-ever in-person BCIL Symposium highlighting classes and projects across both campuses. The goal of this event was for students to learn more about opportunities to connect with the BCIL and also engage with the work of their K-12 peers.  Additionally, students participated in a team building challenge with their advisory groups in which they had to work together to build a bridge from one end of the field to another. The event showcased the breadth of BCIL topics such as engineering and design, social justice, civic engagement, applied science, robotics, documentary filmmaking, and entrepreneurship. Below are some student reflections on the Symposium, and here is a short video that includes a sampling of BCIL projects from the event.   

Student Reflections:

“My favorite part about the symposium was meeting many new people from the other campus. I got to share my first grade learning project and that felt very special.” —Sylvie A. '33  

“I liked speaking to the High School and Middle School students because they got to listen and hear my ideas. I learned that they do some of the same stuff we do. It was super fun and I was glad I got to do it.” —Nimah R. '30 

“Being in the symposium made me kind of nervous at first but it was also fun to share my project with everyone. I heard some pretty good feedback like if I paired up with grippy gloves my idea could be really cool. I learned that it is always good to put yourself out there and share what you’ve been working on because you’ll get helpful feedback.” —Kingsley O. '28 

“It was a lot of fun seeing other people’s interest in BCIL projects that they normally wouldn’t have seen. It was very interesting seeing kids who know nothing about robotics come over and ask how things work.” —Jonas F. '24


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