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Brentwood Seniors Launch Mobile EagleCard App
by Katie McKellar, Assistant Director of the BCIL

Two seniors Josh D.’22 and Eitan P. ’22 developed EaglePass, a mobile Eagle Card that rolled out this fall and is now used by hundreds of Upper School students. Through a Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership independent study, these students spent the past year developing the code, meeting with members of the Technology department and administration, and recruiting student users. The idea for the app was born out of a real world challenge close to home for Brentwood students: improving the ease and speed of purchases in Brentwood’s cafeteria. Now that the app is launched, Josh and Eitan continue to monitor, iterate, and expand upon their innovation based on feedback from users across Brentwood School. 

In reflecting on the launch, Josh said: “It’s so cool seeing something we made from scratch helping so many students.” In his letter to the student body, he informed students that the project is open source on GitHub.

The BCIL Scholars Program has become a popular opportunity for students interested in an independent study related to a real world challenge. Students meet regularly with the BCIL Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Zach Chien ’13, and receive additional support from the BCIL Collaborative and outside mentors. Based on his work with Josh and Eitan, Mr. Chien said, “EaglePass is a great example of students recognizing an opportunity while having the ambition to take action. I’m excited to see Eitan and Josh’s work come to fruition, and I hope this inspires more innovative projects from the Brentwood community.”

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