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Call for Proposals: BCIL Impact Challenge on Vaccine Distribution 
by Dr. Josh Berger, Director, Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership

As the COVID-19 numbers keep rising, this continues to be a very difficult time for so many around the world and in our community. We know our youth consistently make valuable contributions to the most pressing challenges of our time, and with this in mind, we are launching the BCIL Impact Challenge on vaccine distribution. Students with exceptional proposals will have the opportunity to meet and share their ideas with former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Bob McDonald, who served under President Obama and was recently appointed by President-elect Joe Biden to serve on his transition team advisory board.

In addition to the Brentwood community, we are now welcoming proposals for the BCIL Impact Challenge from middle and high school students across the country. We have been inspired by the creativity and problem solving abilities of our Brentwood students in addressing previous BCIL Impact Challenge topics ranging from electric charging infrastructure, voter turnout, food injustice, and the development of inclusive cities of the future. Our students have channeled their passion and ingenuity to affect positive change, and we welcome members of our community to broadly share the invitation to participate in the BCIL Impact Challenge. You can view information about previous BCIL Impact Challenges here.    

We look forward to the collaboration, mentorship, and impact that will come from launching this program nationwide, and are eager for our Brentwood School students to thoughtfully and creatively engage with this timely and important challenge.

Photo: "Flu Vaccination Grippe" by Daniel Paquet is licensed CC BY 2.0

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