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Eagle to Eagle Celebrates Connections at Year-End Gathering
by Elena Cardenas, Eagle to Eagle Lead and BCIL Administrative Assistant 

Eagle to Eagle had its culminating end of the year event on the BCIL patio. After a year of COVID-19 restrictions, we were able to host an event filled with music, smiles, chatting, good food, and great company. This event was a strong example of all the amazing connections that were made between the Eagles and their Eaglets during the school year. 

Our Eagle to Eagle mentoring program matches our new entering students with current Brentwood students to assist with a smooth transition into our community. This year we had 264 students in the program and over 118 pairings!

The Eagle to Eagle team treated the Eagles and Eaglets to freshly made cheese quesadillas and matzah quesadillas to accommodate our students who were observing Passover. They also had some Happy Ice for dessert. A special thank you to our parents (alum and current Brentwood parents) who helped cook and serve the food, to the BCIL Collaborative and DEI Office for assisting during the event, and for our students who make this program possible.  

Here are some reflections on the event from students: 

"The final Eagle to Eagle group gathering was a huge success! It was so heartwarming to see the Eagles and their Eaglets connecting with each other, as well as taking note of the growth of their relationships since the first meeting in the fall. I'm so glad that the program has been able to make such a positive impact on our community! I know that my Eaglet and I have developed a strong relationship over the course of the year, and I am so proud of how far he has come." —Eagle Rahul Y. ‘23

“I could see that over the year, my eagle became more open to the idea of the program, and at the last meeting, he really demonstrated that. He asked me all the long-lasting things he was worried about for his future at Brentwood and showed how he was completely comfortable sharing his life. We were able to bond over the ice cream being served and he showed how thankful he was to have someone he could always turn to with possible questions.” —Eagle Alexa D. ‘24 

"Our final Eagle to Eagle meeting as a full group was so much fun! Everyone enjoyed quesadillas and Happy Ice while talking with their own Eagle or Eaglet, as well as other pairings. I really enjoyed being with my Eaglet and the lively ambiance of the BCIL Patio! It felt alive with a happy energy and the event was a really nice way to end a successful year of Eagle to Eagle." —Eagle Brenda A. ‘24

“Eagle to Eagle is a great way for new kids to pair up with older kids at Brentwood and make new friends. We are also able to participate in fun activities with each other. My Eagle made me feel welcome, included, and comfortable at a new school. I always looked forward to opportunities to spend time with my Eagle.” —Eaglet Elijah D. ‘28

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