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Alumni Spotlight: Superhero EcoQueen Seeks to Reverse Climate Change
Joanna Measer Kanow '91

Joanna Measer Kanow, class of 1991, attributes her passion for climate activism to the retreats she took with her class at Brentwood to places like Yosemite and Sequoia, some of her first exposure to pristine wilderness and nature in balance. She fulfilled her community service hours at Heal the Bay and Tree People. These experiences sealed the deal and she would spend the rest of her adult life working in the field of conservation, teaching, lobbying, and fundraising for a cleaner environment. 

Measer Kanow has worked in the field of sustainability for twenty years. She was moved to write her first novel as she witnessed the changes happening to the environment where she lives in Telluride, Colorado, with her two daughters and husband. When it felt like the stakes could not be higher with the current state of the environment, it was due time for a superhero to step in and her name is EcoQueen. She is a female, bi-racial, teenage, superhero with the power to reverse the devastating effects of climate change in Measer’s newly released young adult fiction novel EcoQueen. 

Measer Kanow writes, “I originally wrote this story as a dystopian climate-fiction fantasy that takes place in the future, about what the world would look like in 2040 if we did not address the climate crisis unfolding. As I researched ‘the devastating floods of the 21st century’ or ‘the biggest hurricane in the world,' the next ‘biggest’ one would take place that very year, breaking the last record. I would write about the potential of devastating wildfires and then the entire continent of Australia witnessed its worst bushfire to date and Paradise, California experienced near decimation. I would research the worst-case scenarios for polar glaciers and every year an ice shelf, bigger than the previous year’s, would break off! One by one, the most severe possible outcomes projected were happening in real-time. There was no doubt, I had to get this book written and finished! Due to stay-at-home orders, I got it done, just in time for the tipping point where we can act to reverse climate change.”

EcoQueen was released on Earth Day 2021 in hopes of inspiring youth readers to learn about the science of climate change through young adult climate fiction. It is an action fantasy adventure intended to provoke readers to get involved in protecting ecosystems and participate in climate action for their future. 

All proceeds from the book will be donated to Measer Kanow's Global Tree Planting organization, Seas of Trees. Measer Kanow credits Ms. Creasy for the rigorous writing skills she gained at Brentwood to have the confidence to sit down and actually write a book.

Image of EcoQueen Cover

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