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Family Affinity Groups
by Dr. Trina Moore-Southall, Director of Equity and Inclusion

One of the many things that bring me joy at Brentwood School is to see the connection, celebration, and community that exists in our affinity groups. Our affinity groups have partnered with the school in helping to establish and maintain a greater sense of belonging in the Brentwood community. The family groups have created a wonderful allyship in supporting various experiences and identities in addition to welcoming parents and guardians into the school community. Many experiences have been cultural as groups look to celebrate and acknowledge holidays and traditions. They have also offered learning experiences to teach us about history, customs, beliefs, and other aspects of culture. Our affinity groups were instrumental in creating Brentwood’s Annual All-Family Celebration of Diversity. Brentwood’s Anti-Discrimination policy is the result of collaboration with parents. Our Parents Association has two affinity group representatives on the executive board. 

Parents were invited last Friday for our annual informational meeting. Many faculty and staff members as well as parent leaders who advise affinity groups greeted parents who were interested in learning more about the role of affinity groups at the school. Please note January 29 and April 16 for future parent affinity meetings to take place at 7:30 a.m..

If you were unable to attend, we can connect you! If you are not on a current distribution list, we can add your contact information. Please contact Claudia Teager at Indicate your name, child/children’s name(s) and grade-level and which of the following group(s) you would like to join from below:

Asian Family Association (ASA)
South Asian Family 
Black Family Association (BFA)
El Nido (Latino Family Association)
Jewish Family Association (JFA)
Middle Eastern Family Association (MEFA)
Pride Project (LGBTQ+)

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