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First Production in the New Middle School Theater
by Bob Kundrat, Middle School Theater Teacher

On Friday, October 25, the Middle School Theater Company performed our first play of the year, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” It also happened to be the first performance ever in our beautiful new Middle School Theater. Although the students had plenty of nerves leading up to the frenzied weeks before the opening night, the only shivers were felt by the audience as the actors brought Washington Irving’s classic ghost tale to life. By all accounts, the audience was wowed by stage lighting that transported us to an eerie autumn night, video that projected haunting imagery behind the actors, and strong acoustics that allowed the students to project their voices to the back of the house. In addition, the first theater audience ever reported that the actors did a phenomenal job remembering the often quaint 19th-century dialogue, danced a folk romp with style, and, most importantly, worked as an ensemble to recreate the gothic drama of Icabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. I often remind my students that having an amazing stage with lights, props, and scenery galore does not mean a thing if they do not connect to each other, commit to their characters, and tell the story with feeling. So, on Friday, when the actors did all I asked them to do, in a space that supports them with sound, shape, and light, we had one thing: magic. View a gallery of images here.

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