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From Barbie to Fangirl: Forging a Life Around Female-Focused Content
Tracy Sandler '96

My career path has been varied. It started in sports, and it’s back there now, but there have been a number of great twists along the way. 

Currently, I am the Founder and CEO of Fangirl Sports Network, the first ever female-focused sports platform where fans get a knowledgeable, passionate, and humorous look at their favorite professional sports teams. We are creating a community around female sports fans and delivering content targeted for female fans.

FGSN was born in 2015 when I started 49ers Fangirl. As a lifelong 49ers and sports fan, I wanted to marry my love of all facets of the game, from analysis to stats to lifestyle. I am now a credentialed beat writer covering the Niners. My journalistic career began at Brentwood, where I was co-sports editor of the Eagle.

In 2016, we became Fangirl Sports Network and now have a Fangirl for every NFL and NBA team. We are on several platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and our website We create social content, video content, and have a podcast (and will be launching a second one this fall). And we have merchandise.

Brentwood not only gave me invaluable writing and editing tools, but it also taught me how to manage various projects and activities at the same time.

Out of college, I worked at FOX Sports, gathering footage for features and working on set on game days. I absolutely loved it but knew production was not my calling, so after a couple of years, I moved on. 

I started a personal shopping company called Little Lady Red, which specialized in finding the perfect gifts. At the same time, I did voiceover work and was the voice of Barbie for and To this day, the Barbie voice is one of my best party tricks. 

I did voiceover work and was the voice of Barbie for and To this day, the Barbie voice is one of my best party tricks.

In 2007, I moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a career in politics and ended up working for then-Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. I started on his communications team and moved up to Special Assistant before holding two Cabinet positions—Director of the Office of Boards and Commissions and Executive Director of Serve DC: The Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism. During this time, I attended the 2008 Democratic Convention and the Inauguration. It was an exciting time to be in DC and I had experiences of a lifetime. I also learned a ton about managing people and budgets, which has served me well at FGSN.

I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked in a variety of industries. My advice to anyone would be that it’s never too late. If you want to change careers, think of the things you love to do and how you can turn those things into a career.

Photo: Tracy stands on the sidelines at Lambeau Field in Green Bay before Monday Night Football in October.

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