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Junior Class College Planning Retreat
by Jean Rutherford Wall, Director of College Counseling

The Class of 2020 recently attended the second annual Junior Class College Planning Retreat at USC. Organized by the College Counseling Team, this day marked the formal beginning of the Junior's college process and what made it special was that they experienced it together as a class.

The USC Admission Office supported our efforts by providing the venue, a college tour, and admission speaker, all of which provided the students with a richer understanding of what is involved in their college search.

In addition, the College Counseling Team had an exercise and discussion about the meaning of holistic admissions, meaning GPA is just one factor in the process. The day ended with words of wisdom from Brentwood alumni who shared their thoughts on the admission process and college life in general.

The College Counseling Team is looking forward to getting to know this class and supporting them through their college process.


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