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Lower School Launches the Idea Lab!
by Dr. Josh Berger, Director of the Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership

The Lower School has launched its Idea Lab! Homeroom teachers, specialists, and the Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership (BCIL) are collaborating to bring making and fabrication projects to every grade level throughout the year. Equipped with various tinkering supplies, a laser cutter, green screen, and multiple 3D printers, students will have the opportunity to learn the design thinking process and connect to the BCIL mission of engaging with real-world challenges and exploring solutions.

Kindergarten kicked off our new space with their first design sprint this morning!  In an activity planned by Lower School BCIL Curriculum Innovator and Collaborator, Lauren Weisfeld, Kindergarten students were given the prompt, “How might we stay healthy during recess under the sun?” Students started by brainstorming challenges related to the sun at recess, and quickly identified sun burns, dehydration, sweaty clothes, and hot playground equipment, among many other challenges. Next, they ideated by drawing four potential solutions to the challenges they selected, and eventually built their creative designs. Students prototyped forts with water ponds, trees to provide shade, stylish sunglasses, and fountains that sprayed water as ways to help address the challenge of too much sun.  

One student from Ms. Loy’s class said of the experience: “It’s like we get to be real life engineers!” We are excited to welcome every Lower School grade into the Idea Lab over the next few weeks for a BCIL orientation and design thinking sprint.

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