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On the Road Again...
By Associate Director of College Counseling Yetunde Rubinstein Visits St. Andrews University and the University of Edinburgh

Haggis. Dolly the Sheep. Higgs boson particle. JK Rowling's. Harry Potter. William Wallace: Braveheart (filmed in Ireland not Scotland). These were a few of my favorite things about Scotland.

Each year the Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews host counselors from around the world for a familiarization tour to highlight the best they have to offer. Both universities successfully highlighted the wide range and far-reaching opportunities available to students who are ready to take the leap to spend their four undergraduate years studying abroad.

At our first stop, University of Edinburgh, we were welcomed by the university's 55,000 students from almost 200 countries, who inhabit the bustling city of Edinburgh. Scotland degrees bridge the breadth and depth of the English and US curriculum, which makes the academic transition smoother for US students. Of the many outstanding programs I experienced during my three-day immersion, the School of Veterinary Medicine stood out. Located 30 minutes outside Edinburgh, students have the opportunity to work at the Equine Hospital and full-service Animal Hospital, serving the local communities. Incredibly, students can complete their studies and be employed in the field in as little as five years. For students interested in the humanities, specifically languages, there are over 30 taught at the undergraduate level! Points of pride: Geology founded at the University of Edinburgh; Peter Higgs- Nobel Prize winner (Higgs Boson particle); Dolly the Sheep; Lifi- 100x faster than standard wifi.

Just an hour bus ride through beautiful countryside, along the north coast is the University of St. Andrews. Founded in 1413, it is Scotland's oldest institution of higher education. From the house system to the red capes, students from the United States will find much that feels familiar to the traditional liberal arts college. Of the 17,000 full-time residents in the town of St. Andrews, 9,000 are students, making it a wonderful college town. Forty percent of the student body travel to the university from over different countries. Surprisingly, St. Andrews is home to Young Software Engineer of the Year, as students engage in innovative research in science with the balance of active social societies (student clubs), which help students feel more connected to build and sustain the community. It is a refreshing balance of old and new, town and country.

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