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Searching for Leprechauns in the Lower School
by Shirley Blake, Director of Communications

St. Patrick's Day is always a fun time at the Lower School (and this year, in the Eagles Center as well!) where students don their finest green clothes and accessories to search for signs of leprechaun visits. The Kindergartners arrived to their classrooms only to discover the mischievous leprechauns had not only left footprints all over their classrooms, but had turned all their desks around! The Kinders had fun celebrating the day with games, rainbow necklaces, and a special snack. In 2nd Grade science class, students read aloud a story called Fiona's Luck by Teresa Bateman. Students were inspired to think about what a leprechaun might have fun doing on a playground. Then they designed leprechaun playgrounds and built them using recycled materials. Leaving the structures on their desks the night before St. Patrick's Day, students hoped the leprechauns would come during the night, lured by the "Irish gold" glitter they sprinkled on their miniature playgrounds. In the 3rd Grade on the East Campus, it was all about fashion and St. Patrick's Day appropriate snacks—Lucky Charms! Our younger Eagles sure love to celebrate.

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